Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Naughty Habits

I love watching television. I cut that habit by not having a television. But now that I have google reader, I keep up on all my favorite television blogs, which also updates me on a few movies as well. All downloaded, uploaded, and viewed in precious illegality. But today, I was really dismayed by this whole thing. I had to wait for the bathroom, and didn't feel like reading any articles or blogs, so I thought about watching some tv, and looked through the list, and there was Quantum of Solace. I just remembered hearing that it didn't come out in the US until tomorrow, but here it was in perfect quality waiting for me to watch it now. Conveniently, while waiting for my roommate to finish using the bathroom. I felt sort of ashamed as I pressed play and as a person who has daily dreams of being in Hollywood.

But then I think it's their own fault. The prices continually went up on tickets and never dropped. The movies are all the same, and 80% of them really do suck. They are waiting too long to bring them out to DVD. They don't try and work out more deals with different mediums, such as Netflix Watch Now. The television networks use streaming, which is choppy with my slow network.

I think they don't understand that the majority of viewers will not download the movies or shows. It takes too much space on our hard drives. I don't find it inconvenient to go to the networks' websites. I don't even mind the ads, I prefer them to the porn ads, I get in all these illegal sites. But I as a consumer, feel like they drove me to this.

I feel the same way about the music industry. Except now I believe that they are almost too late. They drove up the cost of an album to almost $20 -25, when their competitors had it for free? Very silly. The cost of an album should be $5 -15. They should include exclusive passwords to get online content with the album, which might offer discounts on shows, t-shirts, or posters. That would easily stop me from downloading. They should work with artists to create solid albums, instead of singles. They should offer more decent pop acts, better than Taylor Swift or Katy Perry, who to me seem like more of an embarrassment to my own childhood than musicians.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bristol Palin shows everyone how to do Alaskan Slut

The tramp keeps it republican by drinking with a bouffant hairstyle while showing that she's so myspace with a cellphone in hand.

Look Alaskans keepin' it gangsta. I'm sure if Obama had his daughters doing this he would never even be considered.

This whole election is a celebfest, I know some people think it is wrong to judge a political leader by their children, but I don't. It shows their leadership skills by looking at their family. You see girls on myspace like this all the time, don't you ever question what kind of parent raised them? Why do they think drinking and guns are something to be so proud of?

Don't they have anyone to tell them that there are more important things in life? I don't necessarily think that having a child out of wedlock is embarrassing though, but posting boozy pics like this on your myspace is.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You know that ugly blond from HSM is a waste

celebrities like this are a waste of space. (here she is doing something Aug 20, 2008 -- i hope whoever took this got no money at all)

remember when the paparazzi photos were great?

and there was lilo, britney spears, and others just going crazy and wild?

but boring ugly people like this is like people watching at a West Virginia Wal-mart.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What is black cool (to the editorial staff of Ebony Magazine)?

It's nice to see this assortment of "black cool" which was featured on Ebony. Although, I probably would have left a few off, and put a few others on. I mean where is Jimi Hendrix? Where is Little Richard? But whatever....I'm just glad to see Obama.